Publications related to Bugscope

Here are some pertinent publications related to Bugscope and in training teachers to use Bugscope.

The first is from the publication, Science and Children , where a former Marquette University education major implemented Bugscope with 75 second graders in Milwaukee, WI.  She, along with her professor, Dr. Michele A. Korb, wrote this article in reflection of this experience in using Bugscope with gradeschool children.

Bugscope- Korb Hadley

The image below is of a meal worm maggot’s mouth – this is from the session with the second grade students at Washington Elementary School in Wauwatosa, WI.

The next sample shows the use of Bugscope in developing curriculum that uses Bugscope in California, K-5 classrooms. This poster was presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in San Diego, CA (February, 2010).  The authors, Michele A. Korb and Umesh Thakkar, collaborated on this effort. Dr. Korb was also granted a Joshua M. Neimark travel award through the AAAS to attend this conference – it was an honor to attend and present at this prestigious conference.

Here is the poster!

And the related story connected to the poster:

Important publications that describe the purpose and history of Bugscope:

Umesh Thakkar, Glenn A. Fried, Benjamin A. Grosser, Scott J. Robinson, Daniel E. Weber, Michele A. Korb, Judy A. Lee. (2003) “Integrating Remote Scientific Instrumentation in the Curriculum to Support Inquiry: Case Studies in Preservice and Inservice Teacher Education”. SITE Technology Convention, TN

Ray, A. M., Conway, C., Thakkar, U., Wallace, C., & Robinson, S. J. (2008). “What does that hair do?: Remote-access scanning electron microscopy and the Bugscope project.” American Entomologist, 54(4), 232-234.

Formative Evaluation of Bugscope: A Sustainable World Wide Laboratory for K-12

Robinson,S., Conway,C., Wallace, C., Ray, A.M., & Thakkar, U. (2011) “Bugscope: Online K–12 Microscopy
Outreach” Microscopy Today. doi:10.1017/S1551929511000071.

Microscopy Today March 2011


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