Sample sessions with preservice teachers and graduates

Image from first Marquette University Bugscope session – ant foot.

This section lists links to the Bugscope archives that highlight the sessions completed at Marquette University (2000- 2009) and from California State University, East Bay (2009 – 2011). These sessions occurred during science methods courses for elementary (or multiple subject, CA) teaching candidates. In those courses, preservice teachers examined their own insects under hand lenses and dissection microscopes during class. At the same time, they interacted with the Bugscope team and examined identical specimens that were sent to the Beckman Institute that were prepared for the live interaction during that class period. The transcripts reveal the types of questions and information that the preservice teachers were able to ask and obtain in the synchronous chat environment. There have been 20 sessions at Marquette University and 9 at CSU-East Bay  – I am including a few highlights from those sessions.

Here are the links (you will notice how the chats change over the years – the initial ones you see show only the images obtained. The later sessions include the chat between the students and the Bugscope team):

Marquette’s very first session!

Other samples at MU:  ,

(with guests from Alaska)

CSU- East Bay

The following links are from sessions completed by graduates of the preservice teaching credential programs. These graduates have successfully run one or more Bugscope sessions in their elementary classrooms as a result of their experiences in their preservice methods courses at Marquette University.

Here are those links:

Adam Stout (5th grade)

Joe Finn, Jr. (5th grade)

Nicole Schneider (8th grade, summer program)  and

Alyssa Foley (3rd grade)

Kathryn Shay-Hadley (2nd grade – published author)

Selection from student stories - Ms. Nicole Schneider (Marquette Alum)

Other related sessions came as a result of the collaboration between Dr. Michele Korb and the Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM). The museum was able to use butterfly specimens from the butterfly exhibit at MPM during after school programs for girls (they completed 4 sessions during 2007).

Here are some of those links:


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