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Welcome to this informational page about the use of Bugscope in pre-service teacher preparation programs in elementary and middle school science. This page has been designed to disseminate some of the ways in which Bugscope has been used in pre-service classrooms as well as in inservice teacher classrooms. Dr. Michele A. Korb (Assistant Professor at California State University, East Bay, formerly a science educator at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI) has spent the last ten years collaborating with Dr. Umesh Thakkar,  Scott Robinson, and various members of the Bugscope team (of the Beckman Institute at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign). These collaborations have resulted in several projects, publications and presentations. We have had the opportunity to develop the use of Bugscope in preservice, science education courses at the undergraduate level to enhance the use of remote technologies to foster inquiry, authentic use of technology and infusion of technology into science classrooms.

The following images are from (TOP) Ellen Bergstrom’s science class (Grayslake, IL) where the student participated in their own Bugscope sesion and used the information in their “Build a Bug” projects. The image on the BOTTOM came from a Bugscope session with Joe Finn, Jr. (Pewaukee, WI, Marquette University Alum). It shows the claw of a beetle.

Take a look at the examples here of publications related to Bugscope that are centrally related to the use of Bugscope with preservice teachers. Thakkar et al (2000) outlines the importance of using Bugscope in teacher training programs.   The AAAS poster session (2010) illustrates ways in which Bugscope has been utilized in teacher preparation in science education.

Feel free to contact Dr. Michele A. Korb for more details and other applications of Bugscope to science curriculum in elementary classrooms:

References related to Bugscope and teacher training:

Poster presentation at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)(San Diego, CA).

Thakkar, U., Carragher, B., Carroll, L., Conway, C., Grosser, B., Kisseberth, N., Potter, C. S., Robinson, S., Sinn-Hanlon, J., Stone, D., & Weber, D. (2000). Formative evaluation of Bugscope: A sustainable world wide laboratory for K-12. Paper presentation at the Annual Meeting of American Educational Research Association, New Orleans, LA.


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