What is Bugscope?

The official Bugscope Home Page will lead you to all sorts of great information about their Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM) and how YOU can schedule your FREE online session with your own students (either in a formal classroom setting or in an informal setting such as summer school program, after school science programs, libraries or museum educational events).

Here is the link:

Bugscope, a cyberlearning project, welcomes students and teachers in K-12 and undergraduate classrooms from across the nation and around the world to remotely access and control an environmental scanning electron microscope in real time to study insects using a web browser on their computers. There is no cost to participate. Classrooms propose their own scientific investigation projects. Once projects are scheduled, classrooms can mail in their specimens. The images students and teachers acquire are their own authentic data. Each classroom session has a home page on the Bugscope website with links to all information connected to that session, such as classroom proposal, specimens used, and session transcript. Between 1999 and 2009, there have been Bugscope sessions from over 500 classrooms from over 45 U.S. states. Students and teachers have acquired over 100,000 images.

This is the logo you want to see when you locate Bugscope :)


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